About Us

Our Company Story

Company profile

  • Company name: PLATON JAPAN Co.,LTD
  • Our business:

Manufacture and sale of medical equipment

Import and export of medical equipment

Sale of veterinary medical equipment

  • Representative Director: Tsutomu Kamikura
  • Establishment: 2nd September 1996
  • Capital: 26 million yen
  • Number of employees: 30 *as of May 2021
  • TEL: +81 42-734-8088

What we do

PLATON JAPAN is an implant maker. We conduct research & development of 「PLATON Implant」, our original dental implant was made in Japan.

In accordance with the concept 「Hearing voice of clinician, Living with clinician」, we have been established cooperative relationship with clinicians, engineers and research institutes and are doing product development actively. As the result, we keep providing the products with high precision and stability based on Japanese excellent precision machining technology.

Mission & Vision

We contribute to society by contributing to the improvement of
patient ʻ QOL by providing reliable implant products.
PLATON IMPLANT is based on the system developed by Japanese clinicians for the spread and development of implant treatment, and actively incorporates the clinical site voices rather than
the initiative of companies and research facilities,
we are developing and constructing products
matching to clinicians.

The origin of PLATON

To restore lost teeth has been a desire of people since ancient civilizations. There are records of various efforts since ancient times, such as the discovery of iron implants in the upper jaw bone in the human bones of the Roman Empire in the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. Modern implants have their origins in Europe.

The name of the company is derived from the ancient philosopher Platon, with the keywords “Europe” and “philosophy” to express our pledge to practice a firm corporate philosophy in starting a business in the medical field where social responsibility is more strongly required.

Our Concepts

Communication & Challenge

Prompt feedback from clinicians

Investigation & Evidence

R&D based on biology, chemistry and engineering for biocompatibility harmony

Quality & Confidence

Quality control based on Japanese high technology and international standards

Corporate History

Business started

Started development dental implant system.

Obtained manufacturing approval

Obtained manufacturing approval from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (now Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

Established PLATON JAPAN

PLATON JAPAN Co., Ltd. was established.

Original technology "BiO"

Started clinical trials of Hydroxyapatite film coating implant "BiO".

Obtained approval of "BiO" and export license from Korea

Acquired approval from MHLW to Hydroxyapatite film coating implant "BiO".

Obtained export license from Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).

Obtained export license from Vietnam

Obtained export license from Vietnam Ministry of Health.

Head office in Tokyo

Obtained ISO13485 certification

Obtained export license from Taiwan