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Corporate Name   PLATON JAPAN Co.,Ltd.    
Location   Head Office          
Tsurukawa Akademeia Bldg. 56 Ookura-machi Machida-city Tokyo 195-0062 JAPAN  MAP
TEL +81-42-734-8088  FAX +81-42-737-6708
Established   1996 (2 September)          
Representative   President and CEO Tsutomu Kamikura
Number of Employees   30          
Business Activities   Design and manufacturings, sales, and export/import of dental materials, dental machines,
      and dental instruments.
Quality System   ISO13485:2003
Affiliations   ・Japan Medical Industry Association (JMIA) Member
    ・Japan Dental Materials Manufacturers Association (JDMA) Member
    ・Japan Association of Dental Implant Suppliers (JADIS) Member
    ・Japan Research Council on Dental Products Member
1990  Started development dental implant system.
1996  PLATON JAPAN Co.,Ltd. established.
2000  Started clinical trials of Hydroxyapatite film coating implant "BiO"..
2004  Acquired approval from MHLW to Hydroxyapatite film coating implant "BiO"..
2004  Started export to Korea.
2008  Started export to Vietnam.
2009  Head office building completed.
2011  Completed ISO13485:2003 registration for head office.
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